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Taylormade 460 10 Driver Good

New Tiger, New You

However, he does not meet. Under the perfect, Tiger again to modify his swing. His transformation results have emerged, especially in March defeated Mi Kousen of Doral open and the masters most significant win in the play-off.
You'll see Woods swing changes you have made in recent years, equipment specifications and the development of skills. You will learn how to kick out to kick off in the long term, laser-like precision of the Wedge, and from any location is nearly all a push. Even if you never swing like Woods, will attempt to promote skills to the best but all the same.
Further Hit It Long
Key swing and ball match to increase kick off road
Tiger Woods stands six feet two inches and weighing 180 lbs, waist circumference only 29 inches. Also, his kick off general tour players to average more than 20 yards. Following is the key to several of his strength and ball with evolution.
Training method
Under the perfect rod
Following methods to make you feel hip towards the target, rather than towards it.
Swing a golf bag behind you, Address hips stand up to it.
Now, start playing, but the body is always contact with Pocket (left). Your right buttock in vertex on contact with the cue bags, collection of the bar when it is the left hip.
Training method
A perfect release
Only his left hand to play, to experience the feeling of gradual release. This can make you the next pole rotation left arm (left), without touching the ball with his wrist.
Only use one hand to play five first ball, then hands to play and to reproduce the feeling of gradual release, left arm is Counterclockwise through the touch area.
Tiger Goes Big Tigers switched to large Rod head
Woods said: "since I was 13 years old, has been using a 43.5 inch steel rods, then I use a 460CC head, shaft must be extended. 45 inches of steel pipe will be too heavy. I need to feel they stand far enough away from the ball, so use a 45 inch black shaft. Rod length is like a double-edged sword. Tournament players can therefore play farther, but the lower the rate of upper ball. When I first came on tour when he came, I can just hit 300 yards of a fly ball, now there is at least 20 people can get too far. 」
The Tigers said: "in the Tour Championship last November by a 410-modified 460, is a major decision. I would have been lost before hitting the surface with; however much the loss hit it 8-10 code distance, the ball relatively straight. The kick off will offset the left curved side spin, would likely play left arc ball, I will switch to wood poles, 3rd.
Nike Golf products guide Tom Stites said: "the bar head of a tiger I bought in the market are the same with you. This NexTi titanium rods, Rod surface with quite effective for him.
Manufacturing tolerance on error value is 0.5 degrees, means that 8.5 degree kick off pole, real perspective may be 8 or 9 degrees. However stars such as Tiger, manufacturers are selected (including spare) angle in the range of 0.1 degree. -Rob Sauerhaft
Follow Woods do?
A longer shaft = more distance!
Tiger believes that his cue ball length are the most difficult to change the specifications. Woods said: "I have never used such a long shaft.
Longer kick off on impact of your skills? We asked an independent test in Santiago Center Golf Labortoires comments. They found the eight ball, four almost 10, four in 11 more. Every ball friends try to play Nike Ignite 460CC 43.5 inches of steel tube and 460CC 45 inch carbon fiber tubes.
Nike Ignite 460cc, 8.5°
Mitsubishi Rayon carbon fiber shaft Diamana 83, x-grade hardness
A. new shaft of a tiger 83 grams in weight, compared to his first True Temper Dynamic Gold x-hardness stainless steel tube shaft, light and 40 grams; to have felt similar, above and below the grip the Neck Woods did a counterweight.
B. Woods says: "since I was 13 Taylormade Burner 2.0 irons years old, it has been used 43.5 inches of steel poles, then I switch to 460CC head and shaft must be extended. 45 inches of steel pipe will be too heavy. I need to feel they stand far enough away from the ball, so use a 45 inch black shaft. Rod length is like a double-edged sword. Tournament players can therefore play farther, but the lower the rate of upper ball. When I first came on tour when he came, I can just hit 300 yards of a fly ball, now there is at least 20 people can get too far.
A Tale of Two Swings two legends of swing
We compare swing of Woods in the 2000 and 2005, to see what changes have
Tiger's recent swing transformation is almost complete, but I would like to clarify two points: first, his transformation is still going on in the second, want to picture a more difficult, because of camera angles, with the Club and their game is different. Therefore, the new swing brought his 2005 compared with 2000 year record swing, may not be meaningful. Having said that, the two swing does have some significant differences. Let's take a look at the following photos.
Woods's changes
In his current swing, Tiger has done some choice. His current swing more powerful road, explosive force, making a strike by more than in the past. Good and bad ball but he also has a greater gap. Imagine two facilities in the amusement park, a Ferris wheel, the other is a carousel, which carry the golf, and 120mph (Tiger Head-speed) speed of rotation. His 2000 year straight swing, the ball characteristics like a Ferris wheel, the ball going out is basically only a, only the difference between the height and distance. Tiger now swing like a horizontal wheel, the direction can be different. He must try to give lost a stroke without bias too serious.
Training method
Seize the car exercise better hip rotation
Look at Tiger's ball at the top of the action (2005), his shoulders square to the target line, and hip has turned away. Amateurs often back down, and the need to learn more go to hip. Here is how it feels: completely out of the box to catch the car on the left hand column, left without releasing the right hand holding a ball in swing. You to throw the ball below from the left hand. This helps to keep shoulders founder, and headed by hip rotation to the next pole.
Equipment articles
Platinum, 1th ball
Tiger's new ball-what is special about
Nike Golf product development guiding long Rock Ishii said: "the Tigers want to kick off even further, but to maintain the spin after around the Greens. Platinum ball, 1th, back when we can reduce kick off spin, also increase of rotating around the Greens.
Tigers in January of this year's guest tournament, from One Gold ball TW swapped to One Platinum (Platinum, 1th) ball. This change reduces the spin rate of 300 per minute after kick off. (From 410cc before he changed to 460CC head, has been eliminated another 200 per minute. ) Both progressive density core ball is, from the inside from the soft to hardest. But Platinum ball in between the most soft and hard, 1th, have much more gradually, lets kick off spin after lower.
Outer covering of the sphere than Gold, Platinum 1th TW came hard. This makes the tiger was playing after a short rod you can play more spin.
Platinum 1th concave holes arranged forms on the surface of the sphere (and One Black Ball before the same), let the ball fly higher than the One Gold TW.
Skin than most of the Tigers the ball sold Platinum ball of soft (Shore-D soft on two units of measurement), than on this at the request of ball sold the ball easier. -ROB SAUERHAFT
Less spin, controlled the ball better after short hardcore
ShortIrons:Less Spin, More Control
In light of flat swing path to hit near flag pole
Tiger is a short hardcore Sharpshooter, this early in his career, but weaknesses. He to get my swing and the swing path became flat, creating easier control of the lower course of action. This is a good strategy to be followed: Short iron distance for most amateur ball friends are not stable, because swing was too steep and the lower body too active. Following the Tiger how to change the swing path, to play attacking golf balls like a laser.
A.-flat swing
Tiger Wedge is to sweep the ball off the ground. His thin grass marks than the average tour player, means that the bar head is from the inside of the ball close and not dig it. This helps him control screw, hit the ball closer to the flag pole.
B. legs stability
Tiger was playing when the Wedge, movements of the legs than the stability a lot of long rod is started. Because the lower body stability, his arm waving can match the rotation of the body, return to make a solid ball. If the body and Taylormade R11 driver legs than rods through ball before the ball, his hands had to go to catch up. This action causes the swing accelerated, after increasing spin, but the loss of distance.
Training method
Short distance flat method
Want flat swing the ball inches after inserting a ladder, tried to brush the ladder before the ball, as if you sweep with a broom. You will learn how from the inside bottom bar, Wedge will be more accurate for you.
Training method
Double leg stability
When using a short cue, legs required to provide support, rather than force. Swing time, imagine you are standing on a cushion. Feel you are standing in deep water and swing in lumbar cistern, which legs stability can be maintained. Too many actions will get you out of balance.
Chips That Check will bite up catching
All the essentials needed for a push, tips and tools
Modern was unable to win so much brute force alone in four races, which the Tigers know it very well. Following the tiger was outstanding and innovative in three key.
A. curved wrist factors: on the set and
Wrist quickly raised his stick through song, maintaining the angle of the wrist to lay the ball so steep.
Narrow stance, distribute weight on his feet.
Ball placed in the station central line one inch exactly he points at the end of the bar.
B. cannot catch ball
When the ball, Tiger's hands are in front of the ball. He would not try to catch up and help the ball fly, so you can't do that.
Before the weight on the side.
Receive low
Double hip slightly towards the target rotation, keeping his arms and body

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