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Adjustable and Accurate TaylorMade R9 Driver Review


The TaylorMade R9 Driver may not be as long as some of the 'rocket launchers' out there but it is plenty accurate. With the original R9 having a possible 24 adjustable positions, you will soon be playing whichever shape of shot you want. There are cheap golf clubs sold online just right now and it will be a good chance to save some money. .


This driver truly is a new revolution in the golf driver category. The R9 utilizes Taylor Made's legendary "Movable Weight Technology (MWT)" that was 1st introduced with the r7 metalwood product line. That technology allows players to change the clubs center of gravity by moving weight in different places, therefore promoting different launch conditions. Along with MWT, the TaylorMade R9 Driver introduces a brand new feature, named Flight Control Technology (FCT). FCT gives the player the ability to adjust the loft, lie, and face angle of the club. This added technology with MWT makes the R9 driver virtually 24 drivers in 1. Being able to change and utilize these features truly makes the R9 driver suitable for all types of players, from touring professionals to high-handicappers.


Along with the new advancements in design, the R9 will feature the new Fujikura "Motore" shaft with High Inertia Tip (H.I.T.) Technology. This shaft will help players produce faster ball speeds and more stability on mis-hits. All of these combinations of technological advancements truly make this driver the most advanced in the history of TaylorMade-Adidas Golf. The TaylorMade R9 Driver has already won a PGA event in its 1st week out on tour. That is something that has never been done by any other Taylor Made Driver model ever.

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Taylor Made Drivers

Taylor Made Drivers

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which driver:taylor made burner or nike sq 5900 or sumo 5000?

i just want to know which is the best between the three,also consider burner and sumo 5000 are 100 dollars cheaper than 5900,i just want to know which driver is overall better including price.


Nike Sumo 5900

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