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Waterproof golf clothing is a must for anyone intending to take up golf on a regular basis, because sooner or later everyone gets caught out by the rain while enjoying a days golfing.
If you invest in some decent clothing it's possible to get through many rainy days without your golf being interrupted, and having to pack up and go home early.

It is important that you buy quality golf clothing which is designed specifically to allow freedom of movement so that your swing or putts are not impeded in any way. If you are regularly exposed to the elements it is worth buying quality clothing that is going to last, and be sure that it's "waterproof" as some are only rainproof or showerproof and only suitable for light rain or a shower, and not more persistent rain. Look for a waterproof guarantee which is usually 1 - 3 years, the longer guarantee will mean a better quality, although it maybe a little pricier.

Also take into consideration the climate, where you mostly play golf? If generally the climate is warm you might require waterproof clothing that is also breathable. Most good golf clothing these days are pretty high tec and designed not only to keep the rain out, but are breathable as well so that you don't sweat too much ... when the pressure's on!
On the other hand for a cooler climate you will want waterproof clothing with a lining that will also keep you warm.

Waterproof and Stylish!
Gore-Tex is the most commonly used material in the manufacturing of waterproof golf clothing, Impermalite being another impressive material to look out for. You wouldn't be disappointed with either of these amazing 100% waterproof materials which are worth the extra cost.

The major manufacturers of golf clothing are well aware that today's golfer likes to look the part and provide designs that look good not only on the golf course but are also fashionable and stylish enough to wear out on the town.

Some top manufacturers to look out for Galvin Green, Sunderland of Scotland, Nike Golf, Mizuno, ProQuip, Ping, Adidas, Ashworth, Snake Eyes, Sunice, Footjoy.

Waterproof Golf Clothing

It's personal preference as to whether it be a hat or a cap. A hat may offer more protection from the rain, but you may be more comfortable wearing a cap, the main thing is that it keeps the rain off your face. Most good hats or caps are adjustable so there's no need to worry too much about it being a snug fit.

Waterproof Golf Suit (jacket/pants)
These can be one piece (jacket and pants combined) or two piece (separate jacket and pants), the latter are more popular as they are less likely to restrict movement. An essential piece of kit for any keen golfer, they can be permanently stored in the golf bag as they are lightweight and take up very little room. Make sure you get both the jacket and pants, as they are also sold separately.

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Can I wear black nike golf shoes and shorts?

I have recently bought a pair of all black nike golf shoes, that have a yellow outling around the nike logo and have some yellow on the sole. Even though they are black, could I wear shorts with them? Such as White, tan, black, plad, etc?


sure why not? i think i know the shoes you are talking about. i think i saw that here

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