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Talks Between Roger Cleveland and Yang Mingjie

    Roger Cleveland, chief designer of Callaway Golf, is called ‘Father of wedges' and 'master of forged golf clubs'.He frequently visit China in recent years, showing great attention and enthusiasm to Chinese golf fans. Roger Cleveland designed an elegent Legacy series, which are specially for Asian golf players. This Callaway Legacy clubs are the most flawless combination of art and technology. In Marth, Roger once took the new 2011 Callaway Legacy irons to China and discussed with Chinese designers on Technology and art in the field of golf clubs development.

    Roger Cleveland loves to learn and think, have broad interest. He often absorbing essence from different areas, pursuing inspiration for design. German Red Dot Design Award winner, industrial design master Yang Mingjie had a cross-talk with Roger and gave him a lot of thinking and inspiration.

    Yang once won the Japanese G-mark, Germany's iF, red dot, Asia's most influential design Silver awards. His work has been exhibited in Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Milan, Taipei and the mainland of the major design and art exhibitions, renowned at home and abroad. Roger Cleveland very appreciates Yang's brilliant ideas.

    Durning the whole activities, two masters showed their unique insights of the ‘technology and art' in their respective product details. Mr. Roger Cleveland presented the the point of view that technology and art could be combined perfectly through his longtime experience in golf clubs design and with the presence of new Callaway Legacy series. Of course, there were some are some specific design bias and conflicts. But no matter how excellent an craft is, it should be based on users' need. For example: the latest Callaway Legacy APEX driver not only increases the sweet spotarea by advanced technology, so that amateur golfers can play the ball in a perfect trajectory. Also, it pays attention to the details of the user's needs, producing perfect shot sound to meet Asians' pursuit. Callaway Legacy Forged Irons focuses on improving forging technology and allows users to get the best feels. Mr.Yang also quite agreed with respect for the needs and function. He pointed that there were a lot of eye-catching exhibitions, but they were relatively superficial. He also said that the visual level, user level, the production level and the wider community were all balanced, then that design could be marked as a good one.

    On this point of combination of technology and art, the two designers achieved full resonance. Mr. Roger Cleveland designed Callaway Legacy clubs is the perfect integration of cutting-edge technology and artistic quality. The new released Legacy APEX drivers and 11 Callaway legacy irons are excellently featured products. And Mr. Yang Mingjie focuses on industrial design both beautiful and practical ergonomic features, which is similar to the pursuit of Callaway Legacy series.

    In addition, the two master designers also shared their stories in the creation process and gave carefully prepared gifts to each other. Mr. Roger gave his finest creations, the star product, Callaway Legacy series golf clubs to Yang, wishing they would bring more fun and creative inspiration to Yang. Mr. Yang Mingjie also presented the works of his own design – two-color sun glasses, hoping Roger could enjoy the sun and golf sports.

    Roger Cleveland: Global chief designer of Callaway

    Golf Roger Cleveland is the founder of Cleveland Golf, joined in Callaway Golfin January,1996. He is a member of Callaway Design Experts team, a chief designer. His exquisite handmade and expertise make him the world's most famous golf clubs makers.

    Mr. Cleveland intergrates his insight, experience and crafts into a number of Callaway Golf products, such as Callaway X-Forged Irons, Callaway X-Tour Forged Wedges, each generation of Callaway X series products (such as Callaway X-20 Irons, Callaway X-22 Irons, Callaway X-22 Tour irons and Callaway X-24 Irons). Special in the needs of the Asian players, he designed its new Legacy series clubs - Callaway Legacy driver, Callaway Legacy fairway wood, Callaway Legacy Irons. Mr. Cleveland makes Callaway Golf clubs famous wideworld by combining his rich experience and expertise. In 1966, Mr. Roger Cleveland was born in Long Beach California. He graduated from the University of Southern California and got bachelor degree on business. He lives in Los Angeles with his son of Justin and wife Yoshiko West.

    Yang Mingjie: Famous product designer 

    Famous product designer, Yang Mingjie has won the German capsule iF, red dot award, the Japanese G-mark Award, Asia's most influential design Silver design awards. Served as the iF Design Award China, including a number of awards. His works have been exhibited in Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Milan, Taipei and the mainland of the major design and art exhibitions, and was collected in the Red Dot Design Museum.

    He once was a product designer of Siemens, graduated from Zhejiang University. In 2001, he achieved full scholarship of German "WK" Foundation and then gota Master degree of Industrial Design.

    Yang Mingjie's design consultancy is so far the most influential product design consultancy. His partners are involved in Greenpeace, Audi, Bosch, absolute vodka, Swatch, radar, ABB and other domestic and international high-end brands.

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Cleveland Golf

Cleveland Golf

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