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Golf Club Business Week in Review for October 25, 2010

Best Price Taylormade 09 Burner Driver 2010 Golf Trend Real On Right Way

Each and every year more and more clubs are coming out promising longer and straighter drives. What will be the 2010 trend?The Burner bloodline runs deep at TaylorMade. The first Burner driver was introduced in 1983, and was quickly embraced by golfers of all skill levels for its remarkable blend of power and forgiveness. The Burner Plus driver followed in 1986, then came the Burner Bubble in 1995. In 2007 TaylorMade introduced a new Burner driver, which was the best-selling driver for the 2007 full year and 2008 season to date. The Tour Burner was launched in 2008, which Sergio Garcia used to win the year's Players Championship and was the most played driver on tour last year. Most of our readers here at The Hackers Paradise know how I felt about the 2008 and that I simply thought it was a step backward for Taylormade and how good the 2007 model was.Will the "Burner Land" be the 2010 golf trend? The TaylorMade 09 Burner Driver review really opened up our eyes to the new equipment that they were putting out this year.

The newest Burner driver ingeniously combines the SuperFast technology of the 2007 Burner with the Dual Crown technology of the Tour Burner. The result? In theory a driver weighing less than 300 grams that promotes faster swing speed, a higher launch angle and lower spin-rate, equaling a dramatic boost in distance. The first day it came in we took it out to the range for a demo session with a couple of really long hitters and our resident THP Teaching Professional. We all warmed up and then took turns beating this driver into range balls and in a rare scenario, we all had very similar feedback. At first glance, the driver looks so long that it could cause problems, but within 4-5 swings, nobody even noticed the extra length of it. However we all noticed the extra length we were getting in terms of distance. All of the early testers felt as though this driver was as long as any driver we have tested this year. The 2nd thing that stood out for us was how low spin the driver was and it had a nice penetrating ball flight..

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Legendary Burner Speed United With Next Generation Dual Crown Technology

 Three elements in theTaylorMade Burner Driver combine to help you send those tee shots long and straight down the middle.
This unique driver unites legendary Burner speed with next generation Dual Crown technology that lowers the center of gravity of the club to generate low spin and high launch. TaylorMade's Inverted cone technology delivers a super-stable, high MOI (moment of inertia) clubhead design for increased forgiveness on off-center hits, sending them longer and straighter. Finally, a Fujikura SuperFast shaft enables explosive swing speed for even more blazing distance.


  • Next generation Dual Crown Technology incorporates a dual crown and large powerbase to lower CG in the clubhead, and promote high launch and low spin for more distance
  • Super-stable, high-MOI head design, combined with Inverted Cone Technology promotes more forgiveness and more consistent distance on off-center hits
  • SuperFast Technology includes a 49g shaft measuring 46 1/4 inches and promotes explosive swing speed, faster ball speed and added distance



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2010 Golf Club Review

2010 Golf Club Review

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